Empowering Heathcare Workers.

Cipher HX enables seamless data collection, processing and visualization in real-time with an automated 3-step process that shows outcomes in less than 5 minutes. 

Assess & Extract 

Identify & Detect

Report & Manage

Assess & Extract

Patient Assessment Simplified

Under 1-minute Patient Information Extraction and Analysis.



Listen, Record Cardiac & Pulmonary Sounds, and Analyze using a cloud-based Analyze Engine.


Vital Signs

Extract vital signs, heart and respiration rate, perform ECG Analysis  with the Analyze Engine. 


Facial Scanning

Symmetry Analysis and extract Past Patient Records, and Demographics using Facial Recognition.


Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging to monitor temperature variations, inflammation, and improve anomaly detection.


Topical Imaging

HD Imaging of a targeted area to identify & classify wounds, lacerations, needle marks and skin anomalies.  


Report Analysis

Visually scan X-Ray, Chest and Head CT Scans to identify anomalies. 

Our Impact

Our Platforms are designed to optimize data collection and streamline operations for Public, Private and Non Profit sectors to help organizations quickly implement solutions to the problems they face, in real-time. 

Optimize Patient Assessment

 with Cipher HX, powered by Artifical Intelligence & Augmented Reality.

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