Enhancing Frontline Operation  Capabilities for Healthcare, Defence and Law Enforcement.


Cipher is a powerful, intelligent and data-driven platform designed to streamline data acquisition, analysis and visualization using Artificial intelligence, Computer vision and Augmented Reality.

Cipher HX

Smart Glasses for Healthcare Workers for real-time patient assessment, anomaly detection and automated radiological report analysis.


Cipher DS

Helmet-mounted Field Augmentation System with enhanced situational assessment, better mission planning, upgraded weapons capabilities.  

Coming Soon

Cipher LR

Smart Glasses for Law Enforcement agencies for better intelligence gathering, advanced surveillance, crime scene visualization and improved tactical capabilities. 


Our Impact

Our Platforms are designed to optimize data collection and streamline operations for Public, Private and Non Profit sectors to help organizations quickly implement solutions to the problems they face, in real-time. 

Optimize Patient Assessment

 with Cipher HX, powered by Artifical Intelligence & Augmented Reality.

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